heading on 13

Yes! Good evening pips.

As this year is nearly over now, i really like to send out a very big “thank you” to all of you.


To every guest of an event – you are one half  of the energy in my pictures

To every artist who pulled me on stage – you are the other half of that energy

To the people who make this real groovy events possible – you are the third half ;-)

To the people who watch and like my pictures – guessed right, the fourth half.

As you see, i run on a minimun of 200 percent heading on to more – i love it and i love you!


Some very special kind of thanks fly out to my management www.musicandartist.com, to Woody van Eyden (THE man behind music & artist), Alex M.O.R.P.H and Timo K. No, i do not forget and can not say enough: All the fine and beautyful pictures on my site are only here because of my absolute astonishing models: Anandy, Carina, Kerstin, Vanessa, Leonie, Josephin, Mia, Lina, Bianca, Selma.

This post ends here with some pictures of Leonie Saint taken in the last workshop.

Portrait of Leonie

Portrait of Leonie






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