Time goes by…

… and so i found this time for another post in this blog. We really had a great time on th 19th of May in Muenster, Germany. At this year’s Docklands Festival HeavensGate hosted the Floor in the location “Coconut Beach”. With warm weather and a party-addicted crowd it was a really great event.

Chris Low @ Coconut-Beach


Another great Event -a little bit more business-style- was the DJMeeting 2012 in Dortmund, GER. With great workshops and a great area full of the newest equipment and all those things this Meeting was just as it was meant to be: professional. Thanks to all who visited my workshop here and to all the nice people i could talk to. Special thanks to Philipp, who took this photo of me during the workshop:

It is me, yes :-)

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